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$34.95 plus S&H (we ship worldwide).

Gift Collection Markawasi BOOK & DVD

“Markawasi: Peru’s Inexplicable Stone Forest” by Kathy Doore, and “The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi” DVD

Markawasi: THE DVD 2-Disc Set includes the full 1-hour documentary as shown on “The Documentary Channel,” beautifully captures the magnificence of the Stone Monuments, and makes a case for ancient contact with Egypt. An additional two hours of bonus footage includes a French film from the 1960's Markawasi, and further archival footage of Daniel Ruzo at Markawasi (Spanish language).

Markawasi: THE BOOK presents an historical timeline including strange and compelling archaeological enigmas and magical practices handed down to the current populace, Ruzo's theories of the mysterious lost “Masma Culture,” personal memoirs from travelers and the oft reported paranormal activity--spontaneous healings, and the plethora of OVNI (UFOs) sightings on the mesa. Beautifully portrayed Gallery with over 300 glossy photographs, drawings & maps (with GPS readings for each Monument), plus traveler’s information for a self-guided journey completes this award-winning “Coffee Table” book.

Don't miss this great opportunity to own it all! The most complete and authentic account of Markawasi to date.

Special Gift Collection Markawasi Book & DVD for serious students of Andean Mysteries at a terrific savings you'll only find here.
$34.95 plus S&H (we ship worldwide).

Markawasi Book

Award-winning BOOK - Markawasi $19.95
176 Page 9"x11" Award-winning, Glossy Hardcover

The History, Archaeology, Mystical, and Magical accounts of travelers,
with over 300 stunning Full Color Photos, Illustrations & Maps!

Markawasi DVD

The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi Peru

As seen on The Documentary Channel
Plus 2-Hours additional Bonus Footage

The Markawasi Book and the Markawasi DVD were authored/produced by different teams. Although we are "sister projects" and mirror one another in regard to the presentation of the Stone Sculpure Gardens, each work presents a different aspect of the enigma.

The Mysterious Stone Monuments of Markawasi DVD We follow a research team and view dozens of incredible statues. With the help of computer graphics, we compare some of the fantastic forms to familiar images from the past. Many statues look eerily similar to Egyptian pharaohs and animal deities. Did the makers of Markawasi have direct contact with Ancient Egypt? Is this the Gate of the Gods of mythology? World-famous paleontologist Dr. Robert Schoch (NBC’s Emmy Award winning The Mystery of the Sphinx) examines the statues and gives his surprising conclusions.

Disc one: One hour film plus DVD-Rom e-book sampler of
Markawasi: Peru's Inexplicable Stone Forest.

Disc two: Two hours of additional bonus footage; one hour in English includes more stone statues, interviews, maps and historical information, a rare archival video from 1968 (French), and an interview with a world-famous psychic, revealing a possible extra-terrestrial connection. A second hour is all Spanish with behind-the-scenes interviews, and a rare video for the Spanish speaking audience.

Markawasi DVD

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